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Helping Companies Prosper in a New World of Accelerating Change


The global economy is at a pivot moment. Current international instability means companies will now—more than ever—have to adapt to a changing geopolitical environment. Past ways of doing business will be disrupted. There will be new challenges and new competitors—but also new opportunities. Companies will be forced to evolve and quickly if they are to survive and thrive in the global marketplace.

But what factors will affect which sectors? When? And how?

Finding the answers to these questions is where PTB Global Advisors fits into your long-range business planning.




Since 2001, the researchers at PTB Global Advisors have been leveraging their worldwide network of contacts and their decades of experience in politics, government, the military, and journalism to uncover facts and spot trends regarding the latest international developments. We closely track the foreign and economic policies of major nations—particularly the U.S., China, and Russia—and assess their impact on key sectors, including finance, energy, heavy industry, and trade. We also monitor competition in the digital sphere.

Our principals compile this research into cutting-edge reports and analysis to help our clients better understand the dynamics of global change. Our reports and analysis give our clients—major corporations and government agencies in the US, Europe, and Asia—a significant and valuable information advantage.

Our most popular products are our subscription-based reports and analysis. But we also provide highly customized products. Depending on your needs, we can provide exclusive reports or comprehensive, in-depth reports on a single topic of interest.

In the past seven years, we have delivered pioneering market assessments of major developments that were unavailable anywhere else.

PTB Global Advisors Areas of Expertise

  • Fact-based analysis of U.S.-China strategic competition
  • China’s attempt to change the international system amid the pandemic and effects on the Sino-Russian partnership
  • Inside view of the Biden Administration’s Economic Recovery Plan and its Projected International Impact
  • The Emergence of Polycrises
PTB has a long-established record of success in helping firms and government agencies understand the impact of geopolitics. Are you ready to position your organization to compete in today’s changing global environment?