What We Do

Our team incorporates a comprehensive expertise and unique perspective into the reports and analysis we produce for our clients.


Our two most popular products are Strategic Insights and Custom Analysis.

Strategic Insights

Strategic Insights is a subscription-based service that provides our participating clients with a monthly or semimonthly templated report providing a snapshot of the regions and issues that are of critical importance to the global economy. We leverage our network and capabilities to go beyond the facts and the news to provide in-depth coverage into whatever is happening that could impact your business in the short- or long-term.

You can enhance this service by adding our optional consultation package, providing highly customized supplemental information and analysis.

Recent Insights

  • U.S. Policy Development—Executive Branch and Congress Status of US Alliances
  • Geopolitical and Geo-economic Developments in the Persian Gulf/Middle East Region
  • China’s Strategy in Pursuit of Dominance, Information Warfare, and the Sino-Russian Dynamic
  • Indo-Pacific Alliance Developments (Relations among Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea)

Custom Analysis

Custom Analysis is a subscription-based service that provides even more detailed coverage on a specific topic of your choice. Bundled into both our monthly and semimonthly Custom Analysis subscriptions is a one-on-one consultation session with President/CEO Paul Goldstein to further delve into the nuances and ramifications of our research. Custom Analysis is tailored to your specific requirements, giving you the cutting-edge information you need to make the best decisions in a rapidly changing world.

Recent Analyses

  • Implications of Brexit
  • Chinese State-Owned Enterprises
  • Biden Administration Trade Policy
  • Impact of COVID-19
  • Infrastructure and the US Recovery
  • Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine


In addition to our core products of real-time research and analysis, PTB Global Advisors also provides a link between US and Japanese corporations and government agencies. We have relations with leading US cybersecurity and cyber-training companies, whose unique products can fill vital gaps in Japan’s cyber resilience.

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